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Auto Injury Treatment

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About Auto Accidents

In some cases a person may have obvious injuries after a car accident, however some injuries might not be noticeable at all. Injuries like whiplash may not be noticed until much later. Sometimes symptoms aren't noticed until days after the accident.

Some of the symptoms of whiplash may include dizziness, headaches, soreness or pain in the neck or upper back. One of the best ways to address whiplash is early on, rather than waiting for the symptoms and pain to appear. Waiting for the pain and symptoms to appear allows time for your injury to potentially get worse, which in the long run may result in extensive treatment.

At Elite Physical Medicine, we're capable of looking at your injury or potential injury from the point of view of multiple medical professionals. Unlike most medical offices or chiropractic clinics, we combine the expertise of several medical professionals to come up with a collaborative treatment plan for your injuries.

Even if you've experienced a minor car accident, it's a good idea to check with our medical professionals to get a proper look at the potential long-term problems that may occur as a result. You may not be in pain now, however that doesn't always mean you won't be in the future

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If you’ve experienced a car accident and are looking for help with recovery, please be sure to visit our clinic in Mason. We serve patients in Indianapolis, Lawrence, Fishers, Anderson, Muncie, Ft. Wayne, Marion and the surrounding cities!

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