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Back Pain in Mason, OH, Lawrenceburg, IN, & Hebron, KY

Back pains and injuries can easily become a part of everyday life. They have a tendency to bring about sharp pains, dull aches, numbness, tingling, and sometimes they might even cause a sort of burning feeling. It's not uncommon for a person to also claim that they feel some pain, weakness or tingling in the pelvic region or upper leg. This is a condition that is known as sciatica.

Although the back may incur many injuries over time, it's very good at recovering. Small pains and injuries incurred through daily activity will often heal in up to two days. However the back pain that worries us most is the one that seems to last much longer. It's important that you address your back pains with the medical team here at Elite Physical Medicine. If you're thinking of holding off, think again. Back pains are among the most common reasons for doctor visits. Even the simple fact that you walk on two feet creates a lot of pressure on your spine which adds to the daily wear and tear. Compound that with an injury or heavy impact of some kind and now you're looking at something that could potentially be serious.

Chiropractic Treatment

If you're going through back pains, you should talk to the chiropractor at Elite Physical Medicine. Chiropractors have a thorough knowledge of the human body, its functions and its structure. That means when you see us you'll receive a thorough diagnosis of the back issues you're dealing with. We can then take that diagnosis and compile a treatment plan to help reduce back pain and restore health.

With our integrated medical solutions, you can call us the "go to" back pain clinic. Our reputation is only exceeded by our results with the unique treatment plans we provide for our patients. Among the many treatment options available, your back pain treatment may include a spinal adjustment.

Spinal adjustments have been known to offer tremendous short-term relief, can save a fortune on surgery costs, and can often times get people back on their feet faster than other treatments. So schedule your appointment today.

Trigger Point Injections

A "Trigger Point" is an area of scar tissue that has been laid down in your muscle fibers. When a person has been using Phasic Muscles, Muscles of movement, to hold posture instead of using the proper Postural Muscles, extreme fatigue results. Those Phasic Muscles are meant to be used for short periods of time. When a person has developed poor posture, the Phasic muscles start to covert themselves into Postural Muscles. This is when a muscle starts to get hard or develop muscle knots. These muscles knots are actually scar tissue that has been laid in by the body in an effort to covert a Phasic Muscle to a Postural Muscle. The correct term for these muscle knots are Trigger Points. According to Rene Calle M.D., the pioneer of Trigger Point Injections, the worse thing you can do for a patient is to leave them with a Trigger Point. By injecting the Trigger Point with 1-2% lidocaine and 98-99% saline in a star pattern, you increase blood flow to the Trigger Point. This allows your body to flush out the scar tissue naturally through the blood stream. The result is a patient that will progress better through Physical Therapy and Chiropractic and will have more lasting results as their scar tissue isn't constantly holding there soft tissue, bones, and posture out of alignment.

To find out more about trigger point injections and whether or not this may be the right thing for you, please call our office and schedule a time to meet with our medical team

Therapeutic Exercise

Our medical team may determine that the right course of action for your treatment will include therapeutic exercise. This can often include a wide range of activities that will focus on restoring and maintaining your strength, endurance, flexibility, stability and your balance.

The goal is to restore your health and bring you into a pain-free condition. During your assessment it will be determined what the right course of action is for any pain or injury you've experienced.


There are many reasons a person could experience back pain. Aside from serious injury such as with car accidents and sports, a person could hurt their muscles through daily activities that involve lifting, poor posture or even sitting at a desk all day.

Massage therapy may be recommended for your back pain. When you come in for your assessment our medical team may determine that massage therapy is all you need for pain treatment. In some cases massage therapy might go hand in hand with trigger point injections and/or therapeutic exercise.

When we say we care about your complete health, we mean it.

Come in and see our medical staff for a thorough analysis of your back pain. Our team of medical professionals work together to ensure you receive quality treatment that works.

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