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7 Suggestions from a Former NFL Player Turned Chiropractor, Dr. Michael Teifke, on How Athletes Could Benefit From Chiropractic Care

7 Suggestions from a Former NFL Player Turned Chiropractor, Dr. Michael Teifke, on How Athletes Could Benefit From Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is a great way to keep college athletes and professional athletes from getting hurt before it happens.

Some of the best athletes of all time, including Tom Brady, Michael Jordan, and Michael Phelps, have used chiropractic care. Why? Because chiropractic care is a great way to keep athletes from getting hurt before it happens. Experts estimate that about 90% of professional and Olympic-class athletes use chiropractic care to increase performance and reduce their risk of injury, according to the American Chiropractic Association. In fact, teams frequently employ a group of chiropractors as part of their staff because they place such a high value on their services. This is why professional athletes and teams have given chiropractic care to their players because they know how good it is for them.

0424090001664291402.jpgDr. Michael Teifke from Elite Physical Medicine (Lawrenceburg, IN) 

Learn firsthand from our former NFL player turned Chiropractor, Dr. Michael Teifke, about how a Licensed Chiropractor can improve the function of an athlete’s nervous system and musculoskeletal system, putting the athlete in the best position to succeed.

1. Prevent Injuries Before They Occur

Many professional athletes use chiropractic care to avoid getting hurt. Since even minor injuries and alignment problems can put too much stress on the body and often lead to more problems, a licensed chiropractor keeps the musculoskeletal system in good shape to reduce the risk of damage.

“Proper joint alignment can lead to better joint, nerve and muscle function thus preventing athletes from getting injured”
— Dr. Michael Teifke

Since Chiropractic doctors, like Dr. Michael Teifke, are interested in seeing athletes perform at their best, chiropractors provide customized injury prevention programs to ensure that athletes are less likely to suffer additional injuries. For instance, a chiropractor might be able to help a golfer fix any imbalances in their posture so that their swing causes fewer injuries. Strength, flexibility, and injury resistance can all be improved for athletes through regular physical exercise as well as specific chiropractic adjustments tailored to each individual’s specific needs.

0672854001664291439.jpgAthletic Man Playing Golf 

2. Provide Pain Relief

Chiropractic has a long proven record of providing natural pain relief. That’s why most professional sports teams provide chiropractic care for their athletes as a way to provide pain relief and prevent injuries for their athletes.

“Chiropractic care works and is safe, fast, and effective, which is why owners of professional sports teams give it to their high-paid, prized athletes.”
— Dr. Michael Teifke

It helps the body heal from exercise and injuries far more quickly than it would with just standard painkillers. At the same time, they try to ensure that athletes can go back to their full potential without experiencing any discomfort. In addition to professional athletes and college athletes, the general public can benefit from chiropractic treatments by relieving pain and maximizing performance at work, home, the gym, and other leisure activities.

0012070001664291458.jpgAthletic Woman Experiencing Back Pain 

3. Discover the Source and Severity of Injuries

Licensed chiropractors have years of training and study in the fields of anatomy and physiology. Because of this, they have a better understanding of how the body moves, and what the best therapeutic options are to restore it. That is why chiropractors can treat a number of different athletes from football players, baseball players, gymnasts, or any other activity that may be strenuous on the body

Chiropractors are well aware that certain parts of the body are more or less susceptible to injury depending on the type of sport being played.

For example, baseball players are more likely to have arm injuries, football players are more likely to get a head injury, and soccer players are more likely to suffer leg injuries.

In chiropractic care, treatment starts with a full health exam to find out what the real problem is and if there are any other underlying issues that could be making the injury or pain worse. Chiropractors, like Dr. Michael Teifke, can keep track of an athlete’s pain level and previous conditions. This means not only can chiropractors help with pain relief, but they can also provide preventative exercises to keep athletes performing better.

0775521001664291496.jpgSoccer Athlete Player With A Sports Injury 

4. Spinal Manipulation May Improved Range of Motion

One of the most common benefits of chiropractic care is an increased range of motion for athletes. When joints are properly set and aligned, they can move more freely. Since athletes put a lot of stress on their bodies almost every day when they train or compete, they are more likely to have spinal misalignments. A misaligned spine is the most common cause of a decreased range of motion, which can be detrimental to athletic performance. For muscle balance and performance to be at their best, it is essential that the spine be properly aligned so that spinal nerves can flow freely.

In a health study done by the Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association, athletes who had chiropractic care showed a 6.12 percent improvement in their performance.

Athletes who get chiropractic care become more flexible because their tight muscles relax and they can move their arms, legs, neck, back, and shoulders more. When an athlete is more flexible, they are less likely to get hurt from overuse or muscle rips and tears.

0295187001664291523.jpgCollege Football Athlete Team 

5. Shorten Recovery Time for Athletes

Athletes are paid to perform and to perform optimally. Downtime and inability to actively participate in their sport can cost them victories, championships, and even employment. A faster recovery time is important for athletes because many of them are on tight schedules and can’t afford to be out of the game for too long.

“When athletes go to the chiropractor regularly as part of their injury recovery plan, they tend to heal faster and feel ready to play again sooner than using the standard treatment options.”
— Dr. Michael Teifke

This is why a lot of athletes, like Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Venus Williams, and Cristiano Ronaldo, use chiropractic care to stay in shape and recover quickly from their injuries.

0987234001664291549.jpgAthletic Runner 

6. Non-Invasive Treatment

Chiropractic care is all about pain relief that doesn’t involve surgery or other invasive methods. Without inserting any kind of tool into the body, it offers relief in several damaged areas all over the body. One of the most common non-invasive chiropractic treatments is called a Spinal Adjustment, in which a skilled chiropractor uses their hands or a special device to apply regulated pressure to the spinal joints. The second is Spinal Decompression, which uses a motorized table to gently extend the spine. Athletes respond well to chiropractic treatments because they can manage their pain without having to undergo surgery, which would keep them off the field or court for a long time.

7. Take Less Prescription Medications

Professional athletes often desire to be on as few medications as possible as they need their natural reactions and strength to be optimized.

“Even though painkillers and other drugs can help relieve pain, they are not a long-term solution and can have side effects.”
— Dr. Michael Teifke

Since chiropractic care tries to use natural methods to lower the risk of pain and get rid of it completely, it also lowers the risk of addiction or dependence. That’s why many studies have shown that chiropractic care helps injured athletes get better faster without painkillers or invasive surgery. In fact, the American College of Physicians now says that spinal manipulations and other chiropractic treatments should be tried before prescription drugs.

0328335001664291577.jpgDr. Nicholas Hoyer Helping a Patient at Elite Physical Medicine in Lawrenceburg Clinic 

Sports chiropractic for athletes is extremely important for their performance and recovery. That is why all professional football teams in the NFL, most PGA golfers, and the majority of MLB and NHL teams have chiropractors on staff to keep athletes healthy and prevent injuries during games and practice.

Be part of the Elite Physical Medicine family

We work collaboratively at Elite Physical Medicine to offer personalized treatment plans for all our patients. With Elite Physical Medicine’s integrated medical solutions, you can call us the “go-to” back pain clinic in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. Our reputation is only exceeded by our results with the unique treatment plans we provide for our patients. Among the many treatment options available, your back pain treatment may include a spinal adjustment.

Spinal Adjustments are one of the most common treatments for college athletes or professional athletes here at Elite Physical Medicine. Spinal Adjustments have been known to offer patients tremendous short-term relief, can save them a fortune on surgery costs, and can oftentimes get patients back on their feet faster than other treatments.

0397732001664291689.jpgElite Physical Medicine Chiropractor Doctors and Nurse Practitioners in Lawrenceburg Clinic 

If you’re an athlete who wants to keep your body in the best shape to avoid injury or if you’re hurt and want a natural way to heal, you should consider seeing a chiropractor regularly.

Chiropractic care has many benefits for everyone, especially for athletes. They not only help you get your strength and range of motion back, but they also help you stay in the best shape possible. The best part is that it isn’t invasive and doesn’t require prescription drugs.

If you are an athlete in the Cincinnati area, you can visit one of the Elite Physical Medicine clinics in, Batesville (IN), Hebron (KY), and Mason (OH) to improve your performance and put yourself in the best position to succeed.

Elite Physical Medicine can help all kinds of athletes, whether they play football, baseball, gymnastics, or any other sport that is hard on the body. If you want to visit our NFL player turned Chiropractor, Dr. Michael Teifke, schedule an appointment here at our Lawrenceburg, Indiana clinic and get your sports injuries treated today. No matter how big or small your injury is, if you are an athlete, you should contact Elite Physical Medicine today to find out how chiropractic care could help you get back on the field.

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