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Ease pain and discomfort with a whole-body approach

Physical Medicine – Chiropractic – Therapeutic Exercise – Rehabilitation

If you're experiencing pain of any kind, you know how difficult it can be to live your everyday life. At Elite Physical Medicine, we take a whole body approach to your well being by offering comprehensive services that include Physical Medicine, Chiropractic, Therapeutic Exercise and rehabilitation.

In today's world, many physicians are quick to treat your pain without understanding its cause.

Our staff of healthcare professionals will help you get out of pain fast and effectively by first conducting complete and thorough diagnostic testing to understand your pain.

We are then able to develop a personalized program that's completely based on your unique needs by utilizing physical therapy, chiropractic care, massage therapy, and medical services.

Since we are an integrated Physical Medicine clinic, we offer a wide variety of services, tailored to each patient, to get you out of pain and restore function. Schedule a time to come in and see the doctor so that you can receive the proper care required for your injuries, pains and aches. You can also take a look at a brief overview of our chiropractic and medical services.

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