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Integrated Services

Looking for relief? Our medical team has you covered.

Collaborative Treatment Plans

Every day our medical team meets to coordinate the best treatment plan for our patients. Our team of trained and skilled professionals discuss medical treatment, therapeutic exercise, chiropractic treatment, massage and much more.

Your treatment is not limited to the opinion or view of one type of practitioner. At Elite Physical Medicine, we take a collaborative approach to your treatment so that you can receive the best care in town.

Three Phases of Treatment

On your first day here, you'll be meeting with our medical team. You'll get a comprehensive medical exam and a full review of systems.

Depending on the severity of your condition, it's possible that you'll receive treatment on your first day. However, often times patients return after our medical team has gone through extensive collaboration to put together a full plan of care.

Our medical team can perform trigger point injections, knee injections, chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, therapeutic exercise, occipital nerve blocks, NCVs and much more. We're equipped with durable medical equipment, including TENS gloves and socks, back braces and much more.

  1. The first phase of treatment is to get our patients out of pain. This typically involves medical treatments, chiropractic adjustments and passive therapeutic exercise. When a patient has been experiencing pain, this usually means the problem has persisted for far too long!
  2. The second phase of care mainly involves correcting the problem. This phase usually includes therapies such as medical treatments, chiropractic adjustments, vibe plates, back extensions, weighted exercise, stretching etc.
  3. The third and final phase of care is maintenance. Typical treatment includes less frequent medical visits, chiropractic adjustments and therapeutic exercise. This phase of care is primarily to ensure that the problem you came in with doesn’t come up again.

Our Team

  • Medical – Our team of medical professionals includes a medical doctor and two nurse practitioners.
  • Massage – If your plan for care includes massage therapy, we also have a licensed massage therapist on our team
  • Chiropractic – If your treatment plan calls for chiropractic care, we also have a chiropractor on our medical team.
  • Therapeutic Exercise – Our medical team can perform therapeutic exercise as needed, according to your treatment plan.

More about our Durable Medical Equipment

As part of the rehabilitation process, we may recommend that you use a piece of medical equipment to assist you on your healing journey. We carry back braces, tens units and garments, cervical traction unites and knee braces right here in our clinic for your convenience.

More about our Medical Treatments

Since we are an integrated Physical Medicine clinic, we offer a wide variety of services, tailored to each patient, to get you out of pain and restore function. We use injectables as an alternative to painkillers and narcotics.

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