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Knee Pain Condition

Experiencing pain? Get REAL solutions.

Knee Pain in Mason, OH, Lawrenceburg, IN, & Hebron, KY

When do I need to see a doctor about knee pain?

Because your knees take a toll every day, absorbing shock with each and every step, get in to have your knee looked at as soon as you feel pain. You don't want your condition to get any worse. It's important to make an appointment for your knee pain if you experience:

  • Popping, scraping, or crunching noises
  • Redness and swelling
  • Difficulty straightening your leg
  • Severe weakness
  • Stiffness
  • Fever, nausea, or vomiting
  • Signs of a fracture
  • Difficulty putting weight on your knee

Why is rehabilitation needed for knee injuries?

While treating your knee with injections you will be required to have Physical Therapy on your knee. We do this because the knee doesn't have many blood vessels going into the joint. Actually the only way for the knee to get the proper nutrition and blood flow is to pump that nutrition into the joint via movement. This is done on the proper gradient for each patient based on their individual condition. We have seen amazing results by combining Rehab with our various methods of joint injections. We have even seen complete reversals of Arthritis.

How do corticosteroid injections work for knee pain?

Cortisone Injections are used by many doctors and Orthopedic Physicians to treat knee pain and arthritis. At Elite Physical Medicine, we don't use Cortisone Injections due to the risks associated with the injections. Cortisone does melt away pain temporarily. However, Cortisone tends to also melt away bone as well as any remaining cartilage. It is does far more harm than good. We offer many different types of knee injections that achieve far superior results than cortisone. We offer PRP Injections or Innovative Treatment Injections that are extremely effective at reducing pain. We have even experienced patients reversing degenerated knees with as little as one injection. We also offer hyaluronic acid injections which utilized a natural biologic to reduce pain and swelling. There are other homeopathic and plant based injectables that we use as well.

Will I need knee surgery?

Surgery is the last resort at our office. We have many different types of injections that can be used as a way to avoid surgery. If you have been told that you need a knee replacement, come and see us first. We have ways to get you out of pain and possibly avoid surgery completely. Our Innovative Treatment Injections have helped many patients avoid knee replacement surgery and could possibly help you! Book a Consultation!

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