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Peripheral Neuropathy

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Do You Have Numb, Tingling Or Burning Feet Or Hands?

Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment in Mason OH

Peripheral Neuropathy is a common chronic disease in the U.S., with over 20 million Americans suffering from it. Peripheral Neuropathy or "nerve damage" disrupts the body's ability to communicate with joints, skin, muscles, or internal organs, almost as if the body's electrical wiring system is breaking down. It can cause numbness, pain, weakness and poor coordination. There is a problem with the nerves that carry information to and from the brain and spinal nerves. The symptoms of peripheral neuropathy usually begin with pain in the toes or feet, with the pain spreading up the legs over time.

The word "Peripheral" literally means further out from the center of the body – distant from Brain and Spinal Cord. The word "Neuro" means nerves. The word "Pathy" means abnormal.

Some of the most common signs of Peripheral Neuropathy include:

  • Numb feet or hands
  • Burning or tingling feet or hands
  • Sharp Electric Pain
  • Cramping
  • Pain When Walking
  • Difficulty Sleeping from Leg Discomfort
  • Prickling / Tingling Sensations
  • Loss of Balance
  • Aching
  • Symptoms Traveling up the Legs Over Time
  • Pain is Worst at Night

Treatment Options

Some people might only suffer minor symptoms, while others (perhaps you or a loved one) feel the debilitating effects of Peripheral Neuropathy and are kept from engaging in life, making even simple daily activities almost impossible.

Some of the most common treatments for neuropathy are over-the-counter pain medications, prescription pain medications, anti-depressants, anti-seizure medication, and topical creams. The side effects from these medications can themselves be unbearable. They can sometimes cause foggy thinking, drowsiness, weight gain, constipation, fatigue, and dizziness. These medications primarily work to mask the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy but are unable to correct the problem.

Elite Physical Medicine is proud to offer a new Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment for damaged nerves and neuropathic pain which is drug-free. When you arrive at our clinic in Mason you'll receive a full assessment of your neuropathy so that our doctors can determine the best plan of treatment for you.

Our goal is to help patients regain their lives. Our approach works to handle both the immediate symptoms and the underlying causes.

When we say we care about your complete health, we mean it.

We have a chiropractor, nurse practitioner, medical assistant, licensed massage therapist, and a medical doctor to ensure that we’re thoroughly treating, not just your symptoms, but the cause of your discomfort. Our friendly staff is here to help you heal!

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